Hello!!! We are Jesus and Maria Jose, two passionate admirers (not breeders) of one of the most playful, clever and exuberant breeds: The Poodle.

Like children keep himself entertained with a toy, we enjoy collecting a million of animal's images, and specially those ones related to Poodles.

Every single picture exposed on this web, have been placed with respect and affection. We are fully thankful to all authors who have allowed us to use their professional and artistic background for the use and enjoyment of our web page.

If for any reason (not being our intention) we disappoint or upset the authors of those pictures, please, let us know, and we will correct it or delete it immediately accordingly, with our most sincere apologies.

Be welcome to our web page!!

" The god is the only being in the world who loves you more than what he loves himself ".... Josh Billings